You have been addicted to Arsenal "Taste the Power" our first strategy game,
and you are craving for a new version, there it is.

A.R.S.E.N.A.L "Extended Power"

A.R.S.E.N.A.L "Extended Power"
is a real time strategy game based on 2nd World War units.
40 different units are featured over GROUND, AIR and SEA: 15 ground units, 10 navy units, 10 aircraft and 5 fixed defense units.

. 4 video modes : 640x480 - 800x600 - 1024x768 - 1280x1024
. "Edges Free" maps up to 65536 cells surface in various landscapes
Network multiplayer game up to 32 players in team mode
Outstanding gameplay, unit ranking, fuel management and formation move
. Negociation interface and diplomatic advisor
. Competitives I.A. characters synthetised with personality features.

. Fire Engines
and Fireboats will automatically enter in action as fires break out after a bombing raid. An extended use of these units will repair damaged buildings.
. A new range of ground units from the Very Light Tank
FT17 to the Heavy Mobile Artillery SU100.
. More aircraft : A very useful scouting airplane : the
Storch, the powerful Medium Range P38 Fighter and the Medium Navy B25 Bomber, plus the Long Range B29 Bomber available for all alignment as conventional bomber.

. 3in gun upgrade for light tanks giving this unit a new carreer.
. Aft torpedoes for submarines will give a chance to escape from chasing destroyers.
. Fire bombs for tac-bombers, setting fire on buildings.
. Rocket for fighters, ground units have to fear a new threat coming from the air.
. Rocket for cruiser, this upgrade will make them the best vessels at sea.

A Super Heavy Tank T28 like fitted with a 5in artillery gun plus a 3in gun turret for Psychos.
. Schyzos and their devastating Half Track Rocket Launcher, lightly armoured but very mobile.
. A Super Long Range 24in Gun Battery mounted on rotonde. No place to hide from Parano weapon.
. A suicide PT boat loaded with tons of explosives, awesome damages to be feared from Fanato empire.
. Normoes have now their secret weapons : an hovercraft transport untouchable by submarines and a dreadful jet fighter fitted with AIR-GROUND and AIR-AIR rockets.


As he comes in, the new player first meets our pneumatic "Enigma Machine" that will attend him in the creation of a new identity allowing a great deal of combinations. Beside the choice of a name the new player will have to pick a face and an alignment. Each head brings a special bonus on a unit category among GROUND, AIR, SEA and DEFENSE. As for alignments, which are associated with a specific secret weapon (check NEW SECRET WEAPON section), they to be chosen among NORMO, PARANO, SCHYZO, PSYCHO et FANATO.

The new player has his own identity papers on which will be reported his military service records along his career : his ranking, his reputation, his decorations and also some remarks regarding his player attitude. Ranking is a permanent goal for the player who'll have to climb 17 ranks from Private to ultimate Field Marshal. With his ranks player keep units from a game to an other and then constitutes his own army at each rank more powerfull. To keep his rank is never guaranteed, if player commit blamable action soiling his reputation, he might receive punishments as blame, degradation or even prison.


A.R.S.E.N.A.L "Extended Power" supports multiplayer game for modem and local network. Each scenarios are available for multiplayer games and also possible to play with with A.I. characters featured in the scenario. 8 players can meet in a classical multiplayer mode and up to 32 players in team mode. The team mode is one of the specific feature of A.R.S.E.N.A.L "Extended Power".

The team mode introduce a utterly new spirit of multiplayer game. Players team are composed of up to 4 players, they play under the same flag and same color, therefore team players can share the different task of army management and then develop a much more strategic game, with coordinated actions or whatever kind of play. In team mode players have to behave like generals of armies. This is really more thrill in multiplayer game. You wont never be alone anymore.


One of the feature that makes A.R.S.E.N.A.L a unique strategy game of its kind is we have maps "with no edges" also called "torus maps". With A.R.S.E.N.A.L Extended Power we multiplied the size of these maps by 4 to reach 65536 cells surface. On such battle grounds, an average of 10 hours is necessary to conquere the whole map. Distant camps may fight for hours before the player even notice empires are rising beyond his own frontieres.

A.R.S.E.N.A.L "Extended Power" features a fully new A.I. with negociation capacities. We gave A.I. characters personality features affecting their decisions.

Diplomatic commucation can be established between players and A.I. via a negociation interface providing a full diplomacy tool kit: alliance offers, concerted attack proposals, ultimatum, war declarations and ceasefires... It also allows to exchange resources with allies.

A.I. also use the player attitude revealed along the game as a factor. Then sympathies or antagonisms can arise between human players and A.I. characters. We synthetised A.I. characters with 3 personality features

We beared attention to make a game that encourage a fair spitit of playing and reprove the "KILL and DESTROY" attitude. Each player actions are accounted and come out when it's time for the bill: the scoring chart. A magnanimous player who played the game with
FAIR PLAY is awarded with a positive score, while unit and building losses are punished by negative points, as for the use of mass destruction weapon, betrayal of an allied or unmotivated aggression.

The final score affects player reputation, better it becomes with a positive score and becomes bad with negative scores. A.I. characters have also their reputation and use player reputation as a factor that affects how they behave towards him. A.R.S.E.N.A.L "Extended Power" motto can be resumed with theses words from Pierre Corneille: