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A game with no limit: Hours and hours of fun...
From Solo Game you can play against fiendish A.I. characters, any add-on level, completed campaign scenarios and also a trillion of randomly generated games. Solo Game calls the Custom Game interface which allows to alter some game factors, like choosing your HQ location, changing your camp colours, selecting characters face, playing with or without character ranks.

Interface overview: By the numbers
Minimap: At start it's a black hole so it's where to click first to load an game level. Headquaters locations are spotted on the minimap with a square next to their city name. A little flag at your own colour shows your current HQ location.
Nota Bene: the minimap will look different in the game because in game it is centered on your HQ, so here your HQ might look close to an edge but in game your HQ will be full center. Anyway the point is that map edges don't exist in A.R.S.E.N.A.L since map edges are linked to each other.

Monitors: For each city location on the minimap is corresponding a TV screen (monitor) on the main monitors rack, each screen have their corresponding city names indicated at the top of the screen (or at the bottom for the 2nd row). You can change your player location simply by clicking in the next monitor that bears a city name then you will see your flag moving in the minimap to the new location.

Xed monitors: The big "X" on a screen indicates this location is not available. If you move you player to an Xed monitor you will not be able to start the game.

Select Computer Players: Once you have chosen your player location you need to select at least one computer player to start the game. The number of computer players depends on the number of city available. You activate/desactivate computer players by simply clicking a valid number on the computer players panel. Invalid numbers are Xed, you can't click on those anyway. The face appearing in the screen is the predefined character for the corresponding HQ location and coloured flag appearing on minimap.

Play With Rank option: By toggling this option, you are choosing whether you characters ranks will be taken in account or not. This is an important issue for the game since ranked players start the game with a group of veteran units whose number and strength increase with the rank. Suppose you are a Corporal and your opponent is a Colonel, he will have much more stronger units than you from the beginning, then you might face the consequences of getting your base rushed and die within minutes (especially if camps are close to each other).

Change Computer Characters: Once you have turned a computer player on, you will see the predifined character for that map location, but you can change this by simply clicking the '+' and '-' buttons on each side of the character's face. This is an important issue for the game since each characters have different attitudes, there are bad guys and good guys out there, this is how world goes! To find out who are the good guys and who are the bad guys just have a look at their reputation displayed beneath their name. Good reputations are Scout, Sherrif, Governor, Commander and Hero, the bad reputations are Youngster, Gangster, Terrorist, Dictator and Monster. Because the bad guys tend to declare war on other players while the good guys are used to defend the peace you will increase the game difficulty by adding more bad guys and less good guys. Doing the contrary will make the game easier, but if you select no bad guy there might be no war at all except if you decide to declare war on others because you are yourself a bad guy.
Nota Bene: refer to the Character Galery section to learn more about computer characters profile.

Changing your colours: This is the colour you like to wear out in your base, it's every where, on your flag, units, buildings, even the camouflage paintings use your favorite coulour. If you get tired of your usual battleship grey you can change for a shiny orange or a jungle green. An Xed colour button means this colour is already attached to an other computer player. To pick this colour you need first to disactivate the computer player then the colour button will become available.
Nota Bene: The colour you pick here becomes your default colour and is saved in your player profile.

Generate a Random Game: By simply clicking this button, you will access to the Random Game Generator (see below).

Start the game!: By simply clicking 'Start' the game will start! This button is enabled if there are at least 2 players present at valid city locations.

Generate a random game: see also Random Game Generator A to Z
The Random Game Generator offers a depth of millions of unique game levels created within seconds, with this tool you will never play twice the same game. This section explain how to get quickly started with the random game generator.

Generate Random Game: By simply clicking this button you will generate a new level. The level is geographicaly displayed in the center as it is generated. Once the geography is complete the bases are pre-calculated and their city names appear on the rotating view until there's not enough room or resources for placing more bases.

Camps Size: This gauge adjust the size for the pre-calculated bases. For a quick start it's better leaving this option on Medium

Map Style: Choose from 3 different game landscapes: plains, winter or desert. It's more convenient to adjust the map style once the level generation is complete.
Nota Bene: Each time you adjust the map style new city names are picked.

Map Size: Adjusting the Map Width and Map Height will affect the number of bases that will fit on the level. The larger the map is the more bases can be found, be aware large maps will take longer to be played to the end. A good compromise is to keep width and height between 160 and 192.

Lock Map Size: If you have adjusted the map sizes you need to tick this box else new size factors will be picked each time you recreate a level.

Expert Mode: Toggles on or off the expert mode, for a quick start you'd better leave this option off. Once you got familiar with the random game generator you'll have the possibility to orient the geography generation through the expert mode factors. See also Random Game Generator A to Z to learn Expert Mode in details.

Play Game: Once you got satisfied with the generated map simply click Play Game to return to the Custom Game interface.

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