Make a score:

"Triumph without peril, brings no glory" is motto the A.R.S.E.N.A.L Extended Power player should keep in mind to realize a good score. Score will be as high as difficulty will be important and triumph either more glorious when the weakest achieve to defeat the strongest especially when this one is the aggressor.

Here are a few hints to gain a good score:

Repair units:
It exists a double advantage to repair units:
- minimum losses prevent from negative scores
- it makes units ranking up and therefore make them stronger

Units acquire experience while fighting. There are 5 ranks for armor and 5 ranks for attack. A rank 5 armor absorbs twice more damage, at rank 5 attack a unit makes double damage.

Limit number of units:
The size of armies is the main factor affecting the difficulty level during the game. By reducing your army size you'll rise difficulty level to obtain score multipliers x2, x4 et x8.

Capture HQs:
The taking of an HQ with a bulldozer scores 2000 points. Of course HQs are to be defended to avoid losing 2000 for an HQ being taken by the enemy. Allied and neutral HQs cannot be captured.

Repair buildings:
Fire destroy buildings. Fire fighting units should be produced in advance in order to extinguish fires and further repair damaged buildings.

Protect housings:
Each killed civilian cost 10 point penalty therefore housings should be erected aside combat zones and far from from coasts to spare them from navy fire. Provide fire fighting units to repair housings when necessary.

Don't declare war without motive:
Declaring war without a 'Casus Belli' is an aggression. This cost -1000 points penalty and score multipliers are denied to the aggressor.
To find out whether declaring war is justified or not the "Diplomacy Advisor" should be invoked from the war declaration panel.

Wait for being attacked:
To avoid score penalty you may not be an aggressor and better let the bad guys declare war on you. For this you may not be too strong or cautious characters will not attack you, nevertheless bold characters may attack you precisely if you are the strongest. War breaks out when a camp has a high antagonism towards an other camp. Alignments are a main factor that preset antipathy or sympathy feelings between two camps:

Normo: Antipathy with Psycho. Sympathy with Normo - Schyzo.
Antipathy with Normo - Schyzo - Parano. Sympathy with Psycho - Fanato.
Antipathy with Psycho - Fanato - Parano. Sympathy with Schyzo - Normo.
Antipathy with Schyzo - Psycho. Sympathy with Parano.
Antipathy with Schyzo. Sympathy with Fanato - Psycho.

Defend your allies:
Union makes power, allies allow you to win most difficult levels. Resources can be requested to allies which could be very valuable when it would be decisive for planes to have fuel to take off. Above all any ally attacked by an other camp allow you to declare war on the aggressor without penalty (Casus Belli) and gain +500 points for defending an ally.

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