Game rules:

The A.R.S.E.N.A.L score sheet is the game final moment for accounting points according to game rules.

Positive points:
- Any enemy unit destroyed
- Any enemy building destroyed except housings
- Conquered HQ (+2000)
- Defended ally against an aggressor (+500)
- Peace with a non-aggressor enemy (+1000)

Negative points: Crime don't pay...
- Lost units
- Lost buildings and civilian casualties in housings
- Lost HQ (-2000)
- War declared without motive (-1000)
- Betrayed ally (-2000)
- Peace with an aggressor (-500)
- Atomic bomb dropped (-1000)
- Toxic missile launched (-500)
- Flying bomb fired (-100)
- Sacrificed kamikaze (-50)

Casus Belli : Motive for war
Allow to declare war without -1000 penalty:
- if the targeted camp aggressed a third party camp, plus 500 bonus points if aggressed camp is our ally.
- if targeted camp violates our territory with its constructions.

Multipliers : Triumph with no peril...
According to instant difficulty level while playing, a multiplier is applied for destroying enemy armed units:
- Hard level: x2
- Very Hard level: x4
- Too Hard level: x8

Nota Bene: Multipliers do not apply for destroying unarmed units or buildings and for aggressors.

Ending bonus: Patience and obstinacy is paying...
In order to obtain maximum points, a game level should be played from beginning to victory without interruption.
Positive points scored in game are not acquired immediately, they are accounted into a temporary buffer then transferred in the acquired score at a rate of about 4 points per second.

Remaining points in buffer are transferred in player score if 3 conditions are met:
- the game was not reloaded from a saved game
- the game was not aborted
- the player is victorious

Nota Bene: With these 3 conditions player score is added with the surface value of conquered territory.

Score medals: Great players, great honors
When the player makes a positive score, it is added to his permanent total score, and with score superior to 2000 points player gains a specific medal:
- from 2000 to 4999: the Scout pin
- from
5000 to 9999: the Fighter Medallion
- from
10000 to 19999: the Officers Star
- from
20000 to 49999: the Commander Cross
- from
50000 to 99999: the Hero Star
- from
100000 to 199999: the Star of Tha'lab-Al-Sarawa
- from
200000 to 599999: the Star of Permanent Honor
- from
500000 and more: the Knight Cross in the Order of Valor

Nota Bene: When you gain a medal the color of the ribbon depends on the city name you have played.

Punishments: Do you need a fresh one...
When unfortunately player strategy proved disastrous or when dirty actions are committed the score may turn negative which might end up with a score punishment:
- from
-2000 to -4999: Blame, player loses his highest medal
- from
-5000 to -9999: Demotion, player loses his 2 highest medals and his score lowered to the inferior rank
- from
-10000 and less: Prison, player loses his 3 highest medals, he loses 2 ranks and get sentenced to 3 days in prison during which the character cannot be played with.

Nota Bene: Punishments accumulation generates higher sentences, 3 blames generate a demotion and 3 demotion generate prison.

Ranks :
Along with playing game levels the player character total score increases and at specific stages the player gains a higher rank:
- from
0 to 1,999: Recruit unranked
- from
2,000 to 4,999: Private
- from
5,000 to 9,999: Corporal
- from
10,000 to 19,999: Lance Corporal
- from
20,000 to 49,999: Sergeant
- from
50,000 to 99,999: Staff Sergeant
- from
100,000 to 149,999: Warrant Officer
- from
150,000 to 199,999: Lieutenant
- from
200,000 to 249,999: First Lieutenant
- from
250,000 to 499,999: Captain
- from
500,000 to 749,999: Major
- from
750,000 to 999,999: Lieutenant Colonel
- from
1,000,000 to 1,499,999: Colonel
- from
1,500,000 to 1,999,999: Brigadier General
- from
2,500,000 to 4,999,999: Major General
- from
5,000,000 to 7,499,999: Lieutenant General
- from
7,500,000 to 9,999,999: Army General
- from
10,000,000 and more: Field Marshall

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