Game Editor:

Loading a map layout:
Map layouts for A.R.S.E.N.A.L can be created by hand outside game from any basic graphic tool that handle PCX format.
A layout consists of a bitmap drawing where each pixels define a cell altitude. The first 8 colors of a PCX 256 colors palette define the 8 map levels as follow:

color 0: sea level 3 (deep ocean)
color 1: sea level 2 ( oil platform level)
color 2: sea level 1
color 3: sea level 0 (shallow waters - subs can't dive)
color 4: ground level 0 (plain level)
color 5: ground level 1
color 6: ground level 2
color 7: ground level 3 (moutain - not bulldozable)

Here is an example of map layout created with photoshop:
click on picture to download PCX file

To load this layout in the game editor proceed as follow:
1 - copy the PCX file in game directory as 'mapload.pcx'
2 - go to game editor through Play->Custom Game-> Map Generator
3 - Generate any map
4 - Click 'New Landscape' button
5 - Click 'Load loadmap.pcx' button

Nota Bene: Rivers are placed randomly, they start from mountains (ground level 4) and go down levels to the sea. Levels with no mountains won't have rivers.
Also oil platforms are placed randomly on sea levels 3 and also mines on ground levels 2.

Building order:
The first buildings to be build are very important to make a good start in A.R.S.E.N.A.L game.
To develop fast here is a suggested building order for the 15 first buildings of a camp:
1st building: Housing
2nd building: Factory
3rd building: Housing
4th building: Refinery
5th building: Housing
6th building: Housing
7th building: Furnace
8th building: Factory
9th building: Housing
10th building: Housing
11th building: Furnace
12th building: Shipyard
13th building: Housing
14th building: Housing
15th building: Refinery

Nota Bene: to change order click a specific building and use the + and - buttons to change its building order. Number 1 is the first building built, number 0 is usually the HQ.

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