The shipyard is the productions site for ships and war vessels. Navy units are available when the adequate research has been completed.

Tanker : Use for oil shuttle between oilrig and refinery. It is also used to refuel navy units that ran out of fuel.
Troop transport : This ship carries up to 4 ground units. Unarmed.
Submarine : When dived, only destroyer can attack it with depth charges. It cannot dive in shallow waters.
Destroyer : Used for escorting convoys. It is the unique antisubmarine unit; it also provides an aft antiaircraft turret.
Cruiser : Attack vessel with aft antiaircraft turret. Requires "6in navy gun" research.
Battleship : Huge attack vessel with 3 navy gun turrets. Requires "12in navy gun" research.
Aircraft carrier : It carries up to 8 navy fighters. Requires "Fleet air weapons" research.


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