A.RS.E.N.A.L. Taste the Power is a DOS game but is supposed to be installed and run from Windows 98.

Does not work under Windows NT, 2000, Me and XP

Configuration required:

Either Windows 95 or 98, or pure MSDOS 5 or 6.
486DX4 100 minimum, Pentium 166 recommended.
8Mo memory minimum, 16Mo recommended.
VESA compatible video card with 1Mo minimum, 2Mo recommended.
True Sound Blaster compatible sound card.
CDROM drive any speed.

Start you computer under Windows 95 or 98.
Insert Arsenal CD into your primary CD drive and wait for the auto run start.
Installation panel appears after a few seconds.
On first install click on "INSTALL" button. Arsenal directory is created and files copied to your hard disk taking 34Mo of free space.
The game starts as soon as the installation is completed.

At this stage if you have any failure messages then refer to "Technical Solutions" chapter at the end of this manual.
After the game started, if you experience very slow mouse motions then refer to "Technical Solutions".

(c) 1997/98 TacticalSoftware