One of Arsenal unique feature is to offer a random game generator with billions of maps available. Custom game supports 1 human player and up to 7 computer players. Human player can configure allied and foe camps.

- Camp Activation: OFF camp does not play, ON camp plays.
- Human or Computer: Human icon if for human player. Click to change.
- Flag button: 8 flags are available to configure allied and foes, each camp with the same flag are allied. Click to change.
- Alignment button: 5 alignments are available, that determine which secret weapon will be available for the camp.
Psycho: Buzz bombs, Schyzo: Atomic bombers, Parano: Toxic launchers, Fanato: Kamikaze fighters, Normo: None
- Random seed selector: There are 99999 numbers, each number generates a different map topology. Each time a new custom game is started a seed number is randomly picked, but this number can be manually adjusted to generate a specific topology.
- Water level cursor: This cursor adjusts the water ratio for the map to be generated. When the cursor is high, the water level will be high on the map and there will more islands separated by a vast ocean, on the opposite if the cursor is low there will be less water and the continents will be huge.
- Resource level: This cursor adjusts the resource level at game start, 3 values among LOW, MEDIUM and HIGH.
- Landscape selector: Choose among TEMPERATE, ARCTIC or DESERT.
- Difficulty level: TOO EASY, EASY, NOT EASY, HARD and TOO HARD Difficulty goes easier more the player takes allied, and goes harder more the player choose foes and more foes are allied to each other.
- Click OK to start the map generation.

(c) 1997/98 TacticalSoftware