With the bulldozer unit you will be able to erect buildings. Buildings are to be built on a flat plain ground, so the terrain needs to be levelled down by the bulldozer to receive the new building. More the terrain is high level more bulldozing it down will take time.

Headquarter : This where scientists lead the research. There are 5 different Headquarters, one for each alignment. One Headquarter can be rebuilt if destroyed. A bulldozer can capture an enemy Headquarter and also all researches acquired by the enemy.

Factory : Where ground units are produced. "Ground units" research required.
Shipyard : Where ships are produced. "Navy units" research required.

Airfield : Where aircraft are produced. "Air forces" research required.

Bunker : It shelters gun batteries, antiaircraft battery, rocket battery or buzz bomb ramp (Psycho only). "Defence weapons" research required.
House : Where civilians are sheltered. Civilians pay taxes rising your finances. A new built house contains 2 civilians, a new civilian is born every 10 seconds up to 20 civilians per house.
Refinery : It produces fuel for units. It must be built on coasts, close to an oilrig at sea, for the tanker to collect and bring back oil.
Smelting furnace : It produces iron with ore collected by trucks from mine pits.
Radar : it detects incoming aircraft, triggering the sirens, fighters automatically take off to defend. "Radar" research required.

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